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After humans were fully evolved, God created a paradise on Earth called the Garden of Eden. He placed humanity in the Garden, and declared them his favorite creations.

He told all the angels in Heaven to bow down before the humans, and serve them. The archangel Lucifer refused to bow down before a species that was younger, and inferior to him. He claimed that they were "flawed, and murderous." He declared war against God, and was eventually cast down to Earth.

God placed Gadreel (his most trusted angel) to guard Eden from the fallen Lucifer. Lucifer somehow managed to break past Gadreel's defense, and sneaked into the garden. As a payback to God, he corrupted Lilith's soul, and made her into the first demon.

Lucifer, still in the garden, corrupted the minds of the humans, and tricked Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. God cast humanity out of the Garden for disobeying him.

Adam and Eve had two sons, named Cain and Abel. Lucifer was able to manipulate Abel into listening to him, rather than God. Cain saw what Lucifer was doing, and offered his own soul, so that Abel could go to Heaven. Lucifer agreed to the deal, but Cain had to be the one to kill Abel.

Cain obeyed, and was given a mark in return. This mark would eventually transform Cain into a demon. On Lucifer's orders, Cain trained more demons, eventually creating an army known as the Knights of Hell.

In retaliation, God created a personal cage for Lucifer, which was locked by 66 seals. Ironically, the last seal that needed to be broken, was the death of Lilith, the first demon he created, and the reason he was placed in Hell.

At some point before being locked into the cage, Lucifer created the four Princes of Hell, Azazel, Ramiel, Asmodeus and Dagon to serve as the rightful heirs to his throne and to lead demonic armies in the war against Heaven.

Soon after, wicked and evil humans would be sentenced to Hell upon death. There, their souls were tortured, twisted and corrupted, and they became demons. Some of these demons made deals on Earth, condemning more souls to Hell, where they too would be corrupted into demons.


White-Eyed Demons

White-eyed demons are ancient demons, Lilith being the oldest of the demon kind. They're terrifyingly powerful and they rank the highest in the hierarchy of Hell. They inspire fear in their subordinates as all other demons seem to be terrified of them. Being as powerful as they are, they were resistant to many demonic weaknesses. They were even capable of holding their own against regular angels.

Princes of Hell

Originally, the yellow-eyed demons are the Princes of Hell, the first generation of demons created after Lilith and the rightful rulers of Hell. With the early Princes left dead and gone, the chance for a new set of Princes has arrived. Besides having a unique durability threshold and advanced telekinesis, Azazel could manipulate fire, control dreams, make electrical devices go haywire, and could even possess reapers. The initial leader of the demon army, Azazel was the designer of the master plan to free Lucifer from Hell. He was impervious to holy water and most other conventional defenses against demons, but was finally killed by the Colt. Ramiel proved invulnerable to the demon-killing knife and an angel blade and only showed vulnerability to the Lance of Michael.

Knights of Hell

Knights of Hell are very powerful demons, said to be some of the first demons; handpicked by Lucifer himself, they were trained by Cain, the Father of Murder and himself the first Knight. Legend among Men of Letters had it that the archangels have destroyed all but one, but in truth Cain himself killed them. Knights possess a number of abilities not seen from other types of demons. They are also nearly invulnerable, being immune to many defenses against demons, including exorcism rites and even the demon-killing knife. The only weapon that can kill one is the First Blade.

Crossroads Demon

Red-eyed demons, more often called Crossroads Demons, are one level higher than black-eyed demons, and have more powerful abilities, such as teleportation and deal making. Since red-eyed demons have the ability to teleport, they are usually stationed as crossroad demons, so they can teleport to the crossroads without having to be forcefully summoned. As crossroads demons, they make deals with humans, granting them one wish in exchange for their soul. In a period of time, normally ten years, a hell hound will be sent after the deal maker and drag them to Hell, where they will become a demon. While stationed as crossroad demons, red-eyed demons generally possess attractive females, presumably to attract men to make a deal. If favored by the Ruler of Hell, or another higher demon, red-eyed demons can be promoted from a crossroads demon to a higher position.

Black-Eyed Demon

The most common and standard class of demons on the show, black-eyed demons possess only basic powers, such as possession, super-strength and telekinesis. Effective defenses against these demons include holy water, salt, iron, a Devil's Trap, etc. Stronger black-eyed demons, such as Meg or the Seven Deadly Sins, have more resistance such as not being barred from entering hallowed ground and one demon, Tammi, is shown to have the ability of causing internal bleeding and extensive magical knowledge, such as when she recites a ritual to exorcise Ruby from her body. Tammi was also able to stop a bullet shot from the Colt in mid-air. Although the Knights of Hell are black eyed demons, they are far more powerful and possess much greater abilities.

Demonic Rankings and How to Acquire Them.

All demons start off as Black-Eyed Demons, unless otherwise stated by administration. At time of creation, any demon will be allowed a single chance to use a dice roll to acquire a higher rank; however this is completely random, and can only be done at the creation stage. A special thread tracker with each demon attempt will be kept in a public section of the forum, so that all demons may show proof of their clearance to start at a higher rank.

As demons age and complete tasks, quests, or are lucky enough to gain favor of a sufficiently powerful higher ranking demon, they may find themselves elevated to the next ranking within demon classifications. Promotions will be done on a case-by-case basis until someone achieves the ranking/title of King of Hell, at which point they will be allowed to set the promotion requirements for all demon kind, as they will be the acting sovereign of the species.

As of now, Cambion [half human/half demon children] are banned. This is due to unstable nature of their powers, and the fact that any one of them could easily overpower entire species of other magical beings, let alone the entire hierarchy of demons. Until otherwise stated by administration, they will remain as legendary/mythological creatures which do not currently actively exist within the canon of the site.

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