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Alice Black [WIP]

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”Because fuck logic, that’s why...”
Name: Alice Black
Alias: Destiny Star | The Mad Hatter
Age: 21
Species: Human [Has a Demon Dwelling within Her]

General Appearance: Alice Black, or The Mad Hatter as she’s more commonly known as, is fairly short for her age: she stands at only five feet tall, and weighs in at exactly one-hundred pounds. While her skin has a light natural tan to it is covered in an assortment of tattoos; including odd ancient symbols the likes of which only few people know: to name a few of these tattoos there are clouds and lightning bolts down her left arm, a dragon like creature which starts on her right shoulder and curls down her back to make it look as if the dragon is actually looking over her shoulder, the words “fuck” (on her left hand) and “logic” (on her right hand) are tattooed across her knuckles, a blooming lotus flower is on her chest, then several symbols including one on her stomach around her belly button, as well as an assortment of other various tattoos elsewhere including “The Mad Hatter” tattooed across Alice’s shoulder blades of her back in beautiful script writing.

While not a full-blown athlete Alice does pack on some muscle; her hourglass frame, D cup bust, and ample ass leading to a very feminine appearance overall.

Despite her small size she tends to stick out in a crowd: whether it’s her amber colored eyes framed by naturally black and thick eyelashes, or her rainbow colored hair (purple, blue, aqua, yellow, orange, and finally to red) with the sides of her head shaved short and the center left long and wavy, is anyone’s guess: perhaps even her bluish purple colored eyebrows that were dyed such to match the rest of her head? Despite her colorful appearance she doesn’t bother with much make up, having no real need for it because of her natural coloration, including beautifully plump and pale pink lips: though she does paint her fingernails and toenails matte black.

To go along with her tattoos The Mad Hatter is pierced in several places: both ears are pierced multiple times with gold hoops in them, her right eyebrow is pierced with a silver bar with spikes on it, the left side of her nose is pierced with a small heart, and her belly button is pierced with a black dangling gem. As far as other jewelry goes she tends to wear multiple rings on both hands, as well as a pentagram which dangles from a chain around her neck and rests between her ample breasts.

Alice’s normal attire consists of a black v-neck tank top made out of a silk like material which shows off a great deal of cleavage as well as the tattoos on her upper body, a pair of black short shorts under which a pair of black fish-net stockings are worn, and a pair of black combat boots with silver buckles that strap up almost to her knees. When she bothers to wear it a black hooded duster jacket helps to complete her look; the duster going down to right past her knees and the hood being deep enough so that when it’s on it casts her face in shadow.

History: Alice Black never had the chance to be normal: to live a normal life, to be carefree and without worry as children should be. Born the daughter of a prostitute named Victoria Black or Precious to her customers, her father was just another John, another face in the crowd that her mother couldn’t identify. From the moment she was born her mother had said she was “Nothing but trouble!”, mainly due to the fact that Victoria Black had nearly died giving birth, and had required an emergency C-section to not only save her own life, but Alice’s, as well as the events that had happened shortly after her birth.

While her mother was recovering from her near death experience within the birthing wing of the hospital, little Alice who was not more than three hours old, was kidnapped directly from the hospital nursery by one of the nurses. Though the circumstances as to why Alice out of all of the other newborns who had been present that night was chosen were unknown, the fact remained that what the nurse did altered Alice’s destiny in a way to allow her to never be truly ‘normal’. An archaic ritual was preformed in which a demon was summoned to possess the child. The nurse had meant to use the child as a means to control the demon: she had had ever intention of making the child her puppet. However before the binding could be fully completed the demon proved to powerful, and despite the fact that Alice was only an infant the demon’s power was so great that the woman was killed without being able to lift a single finger to save herself.

It took days for the police to track down just who had removed little Alice from the nursery and to find her, days in which she surely would have died had it not been for the demon within her. However, when the police arrived she was perfectly healthy unlike the nurse who had been dead for three days at that point. The doctors were at a loss to explain how Alice was still alive after three days without care, and it was simply deemed a miracle that no one bothered to question. She was returned to her mother, and the pair were discharged once her mother had fully recovered from her ordeal.

The next few following years went without any large incidents as the demon laid (mostly) lying in wait within the child: outside of minor toddler issues – such as getting into mischief, general temper tantrums, or minor disobedience – Alice seemed like the perfect little girl who just so happened to hit all of her milestones a little earlier than the average kid. However, there were little things that would occur that would go mostly without notice unless one were to look too deeply into them: such as the cookie jar mysteriously being moved closer so that little Alice could reach the cookies inside despite the fact that her mother had pushed it way back onto the counter so she couldn’t reach it at all, or how a show her mother was watching would mysteriously go out whenever Alice wanted to watch cartoons so that her mother would have no choice but to change the channel, or even how certain vegetables that Alice never liked would rot almost instantly when her mother brought them home. Little things, strange things, but nothing violent or too over the top to cause concern or even question – though minor irritation was certainly a thing.

However, innocent would not be the name of the game for long. By the time Alice was seven years old the harmless little strange things that had been going on became increasingly anything but. Minor temper tantrums could turn violent in an instant with objects going flying, cabinet doors slamming open and closed, lights flickering on and off by themselves, or light objects being tipped over on their own accord. This was minor compared to the nightmares the child had on a normal basis filled with all manner of blood, gore, and death: these things happening to either herself, her mother, or even people whom she didn’t know. To add to the scare factor of it all Alice would tell her mother these dreams and then her mother would later on see these people exactly as Alice had described – though very much alive and healthy.

By the time Alice was nine years old her mother started going to church and got into contact with a priest whom she had known fairly well as a child in his parish. She explained the strange happenings that were going on, including the dreams her daughter was having, and begged the priest for help. The priest put her into contact with with another skilled in handling such situations. For weeks Alice was monitored, and for weeks nothing happened. However, as soon as the priest left these strange and violent things would begin again. This kind of cat and mouse game went on for months until finally one day the priest in question showed up without announcing himself and witnessed the strangeness all on his own. Alice was in the middle of having a particularly bad temper tantrum and all manner of objects were swirling around her in a giant circle. Her hair and clothing were billowing around her as if in an invisible wind despite the fact that all of the windows were closed and no fans were on. The priest could hardly believe what he was seeing, and yet it confirmed his worst suspicions: the girl was possessed. In a hurry an exorcism was tried: the whole ordeal lasting days and yet the demon absolutely refused to budge. Each time the priest got close to throwing the demon out odd symbols would appear within the child: the symbols used to bind the demon within the child shortly after her birth.

With no other choice, and running out of options, the priest called on help: several Hunters were in the area and it was to them he pleaded. He explained the situation, including the odd symbols, and after a bit of research it was discovered that the demon could not be removed from the child at all: not only because it was bound, but because of the fact that if it was it would certainly kill the child because of how long she had gone as an infant without proper care while she had been ‘missing’. So, a plan was hatched: instead of removing the demon they would simply bind it further. It was a horrific and painful ordeal: special ink was used to tattoo the child’s skin as symbols were added in a ritualistic manner, the demon being bound and gagged in every sense – almost. Just as they were finishing the police arrived – tattooing a child was not a quiet affair after all, and Alice had been screaming her head off in agony from the burning sensation the special ink caused as it bound the demon – having been called by a neighbor who had witnessed Alice’s screams.

The police took everyone into custody for questioning, including Alice’s mother who they were shocked had allowed her own daughter to be tattooed in such a manner. Little Alice, who had been a mess during that time, spoke openly of the monsters she saw on a regular basis, of the spirits and ghosts she had encountered, of the strange occurrences and events she caused almost daily. In the end, the police arrested those involved and Alice’s mother, and Alice was put into the state hospital for psychiatric care. No matter the medication or amount of it that young Alice was put on the visions, nightmares, and the ghosts and other entities she was seeing didn’t stop. Years would pass with her living under lock and key, allowed her beloved art supplies simply because that was the only thing that kept her quiet and calm, until finally she simply began to pretend she was normal: she learned to play the game. She didn’t want to be locked up for the rest of her life, and she knew if she kept talking about the things she saw or heard that she would never get free. So slowly but surely she learned to keep her mouth shut, to not stare at something she saw too long that didn’t belong in the real world so that she didn’t bring attention to it; she learned to act as normal as possible.

The more she played the game the more freedom she found herself having. No longer locked entirely in her padded room she was allowed special privileges such as eating meals with the others, and spending time in the day room. She made several friends, and even shared some of her artwork with them; several convincing her to tattoo them when the staff weren’t looking (which, despite her previous experience under the needle she found wasn’t all that bad – she even ended up giving herself a tattoo or two).

It took quite a while, but at the age of fifteen Alice was finally released. With her canvas bag of art supplies and the few items of clothing she had been allowed to keep, she greeted the mother she hadn’t seen in nearly six years. There was no fond embrace between the two, only weariness and fear. While Alice had come to understand and even accept why her mother had done the things she had it did not change the fact that she had done them – that she had been held down by people whom she hadn’t known and tattooed in such a painful and agonizing way. It was an awkward and quiet ride home in which neither forced conversation, in fact, it wasn’t until they were in the house – a home that no longer felt like such for Alice – that Alice even asked the question that had been bothering her; “Why?”. Her mother had launched into the explanation, one that Alice had no choice but to believe: the demon within her, the binding. She knew it all to be true, though it felt so strange to hear another voice it.

Despite living together the pair barely spoke after that point; Alice remained confined within her room – thanks to the educational programming at the state hospital she had technically already graduated so school was not required – and her mother avoided being home unless she was bringing a John back to the house or sleeping. Life seemed about as peaceful as it was going to get – but it wasn’t going to last.

By the time Alice turned seventeen she was more than aware of her mother’s “profession” and she went to great lengths to avoid those whom her mother brought home. When her mother was “working” Alice normally kept herself locked quietly in her bedroom, remaining as such until the John had gone. However, on one particular night Alice awoke from a very long nap to find that her bladder required emptying. So, despite the fact that she assumed from the late hour her mother was busy she ventured out of her bedroom to relieve herself. On her way back to her bedroom she noticed that the door which she had made sure to have shut behind herself was suddenly open and the soft glow of the candles she had had lit in her bedroom were spilling out into the hallway.

Cautiously she ventured into her bedroom, but on first look it seemed empty. No sooner had she stepped more within did the door close behind her – her mother’s latest John locking the pair of them in. Her mother had apparently fallen asleep, and his advances toward Alice were anything but innocent: he wanted Alice and despite the fact that she had no interest in him he seemed willing to take by force what she would not give up so freely. However, it wasn’t going to happen as the John had planned. For the first time in years the demons powers which all had thought were bound with the demon itself came calling as Alice needed them. The man was pinned to the wall and Alice’s bed, dress, and lamp were ‘thrown’ at him without her ever lifting a finger. Wood splintered everywhere before the very shock of what she was doing snapped Alice out of the attack. With a sudden last burst of power her bedroom door was unlocked, ripped open, and the John thrown out of it before it was shut and locked behind him. Alice, suddenly exhausted, blacked out.

When Alice came to she found herself not in her bedroom full of broken furniture but rather within the confines of a church. The Hunters from her childhood were there, as was her mother and several priests. While they had been expecting Alice to remember nothing of what happened – they assumed she had been under demonic possession after all – she in fact surprised them by giving them a play by play of the entire ordeal, including the fact that she – not the demon – had been in control. Several tests were performed on Alice, all of which she seemed to pass, and which proved the demon was still bound tightly within her. Instead of judging this as a weakness, it was judged as a strength instead. Alice was offered a choice at that point: learn to become a Hunter, be given a purpose for her power and skill. She accepted without hesitation, and so her training began.

While the physical training was interesting enough it was the knowledge aspect she actually clung to and excelled in: what had been done to her began to make more and more sense, and it was into this particular subject she delved the deepest: perhaps her own love of art and strange symbolism driving this urge further than what would be the norm. Her training took her away form the city she lived in, and the state itself, more often than naught over the next several years – Alice never actually returning to the house her and her mother had shared, but rather remaining in the single cell room within the church during her down time. When she wasn’t hunting or learning she was busy drawing and improving that skill with every passing day – her one outlet from the rest of the world, a tiny strap of sanity among all of the monsters and strangeness that plagued her daily.

At the age of eighteen, shortly after her birthday, Alice left on one particularly interesting hunting trip with her mentor. Though the trip itself had gone without issue upon returning home she had learned some devastating news: her mother had died in a car crash in what was being called a freak accident. With the death of her mother came insurance money that Alice had not been expecting: her mother had taken an insurance policy out on herself the moment she had found out she was pregnant with Alice – it was an act of love she hadn’t been expecting. With the insurance money had come a note from her mother that had been short and fairly sweet; Follow your heart, Alice. Follow your dreams. You are a strong woman with a good heart and a good head on her shoulders. You can do anything you put your mind to. Love, mom.

Following her mother’s advice on a whim Alice took a chance and invested her new found money into purchasing a little shop with its own apartment over top that was attached to it about six blocks away from the church she lived at. The building was run-down and took a lot of money and work and love to get it to what she wanted it to be but in the end it turned into exactly what she had been hoping for: Afterlight, her own tattoo shop – a passion that had been with her since she was a young child. She moved out of the church at that point and into the upstairs apartment; deciding to focus her time not on Hunting or the research, but rather on expanding this new found business of hers, following her heart and passion as her mother’s final instructions had told her to.

As a way to advertise Alice took to going to parties at night instead of hunting, passing out her business cards at clubs and raves. It was at one of these raves she met her significant other: something as simple as handing over her business card had caused a relationship the type of which Alice had never expected but certainly was glad for.

As the popularity of her tattoo shop grew Alice took in several associates to work with her and help relieve some of the workload, allowing her to return to hunting when she was deemed necessary – though her skill with a tattoo gun and her knowledge of protective symbols often brought her work in another form, that of a particular clientele only she could handle – allowing her to quickly become known as the go-to person for any manner of protection tattoos and markings, including anti-possession tattoos which she became all too famous for and skilled at.
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