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Sasha Kelly

Post by Sasha on Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:47 pm

Name: Sasha Kelly
Alias: Red, Shadow Man, Sexiest Hunter Alive
Hunter Tag: Red Devil
Age: 25
Species: Incubus

General Appearance:
If looks could kill, I'd be a mass murderer.


There is no getting around it; the first, last, and best description of Sasha is oozing sexuality pretty. Pretty damn hot. You can't escape it; it's just part of the charm he's mastered over the years of his life. Not that he's all that old; he's really not; but he's been around enough to know better than most that while fitting in and fading from sight is a good thing, sometimes the best thing to do is draw all the eyes to you and make the good people of the world's lust for the forbidden fruit. Because hot damn, if he wasn't just the tastiest looking fruit out there. Flaming red hair, piercing blue eyes, skin that almost glowed with an unnatural light. There where perks to being an Incubus that humans never could understand, and one of the biggest was absolute beauty. Gay, straight, asexual, it didn't matter; everyone with a pulse (and plenty enough without!) find him irresistible.

History: Sasha doesn't know much about his family; beyond what others have told him. His parents where killed when he was a baby, only a few months old and not able to form lasting memories of any real meaning yet. A bad hunt; a rouge that thought he knew better than anyone else; a self-styled demon hunter that couldn't tell the difference between magic and demonic. Everyone knew that the Kelly family was legendary within the community, had been for generations. They where just one of the best; but few ever really knew why. This rouge, going only by the tag 'Demon Slayer', became fixated on the clan after it's newest member, Sasha father, married into the clan and returned to the hunter world looking 20 years younger and almost glowing with a sensation og power that tripped magic detectors all over the Roadhouse. Now, this wouldn't have been strange had he been born a Kelly; the entire clan did that for various reasons, usually attributed to blessed weapons or artifacts they where carrying at any given time; but this was new. This was... different. Things weren't adding up.

So this rouge decided to 'investigate'.  

His conclusion, after long weeks of stake out, study, and paying off people for information?

Demons. The whole stinking lot of the Kelly clan where demons and demon possessed. Didn't matter that they routinely worked with salt and demon traps, could pass right through most demon repelling traps and whatnot without any trouble(or so everyone thought). Nope. They had to be demons because that's what he decided, and he wasn't called 'Demon Slayer' for nothing. He'd actually managed to kill a few demons in his day, so he'd earned the title, and the right to call out whomever he wanted.

Delusional prick.

So this rouge decided the best way to start convincing people of his delusion was to attack the weakest link in the chain of the clan. Sasha's parents where young enough, and his father had only been 'turned' a few months prior. Still new to things. Still easy to kill.

Not that sneaking into a house with a gun loaded with salt and iron buckshot wouldn't do a hell of a number on anyone, magical or otherwise. Shooting two unsuspecting people in the chest at point blank range with a shotgun tends to lead to an unfortunate case of 'Dead." It was rather quickly clear that the death of two innocent hunters was for naught. No demon smoke. No demons appearing pissed over getting hit. Nothing. Just blood and death and a child left abandoned. So in the only act of mercy the Rouge showed that night, he used what little knowledge of Incubi that he'd picked up from other hunters and went to the child. Little Sasha, six months old and standing in his crib, twinkling blue eyes wide and far to alert for his age. He'd heard the shot, woken up and stood up; but he never made a peep. He knew danger when he felt it. This wasn't the time to call for Mommy. Not yet.

"Go home, little one. Your parents won't be coming to you this night." His words to the boy, whom merely tilted his head and grabbed his favorite blanket from where it lay pooled around his feet; lifting it up until it wrapped around his shoulders, and the child repeated the only word he need say.


And he was gone, a puff of white smoke and the smell of earth left behind in the world of humans. Little is know about what happened to the man that killed Sasha's parents. Most say he just vanished into the shadows; drank himself to death or swallowed a bullet on the side of a dusty highway somewhere out west. But he was never to make another appearence in the story of the Hunters and the good fight.

Sasha was lucky. His kind didn't abandon their own, so the little one had the benefit of they entire village raising him. His people had their own little chunk of Avalon to themselves; so long as they abide by the laws of Oberon, they where allowed freedom to do as they pleased. Plenty of aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends; he missed his parents, but he was never really lonely in his life. He was taught well, and he learned much; making it to the Rite of Passage all Incubi had gone through for generations untold. A sort of concentrated burst of puberty, you could say; by which the end of brought the start of adulthood. Some stayed behind in their homeland, others left for the human world to make a go of a new life, at least for a few decades before they went home to settle down. Sasha chose this path, in a way. He left his life in the forest of Avalon and came to the human world to become what his mother and father had been; Hunter. It was in his blood, and the stories of his parents and relatives fueled his passion to be like them until it was a consuming flame forged a hunting machine out of him. But he wasn't without his faults; some called him too kind, others found him strange for his refusal to kill certain creatures. They didn't know what he did, so he let them talk their talk and do what they would. It wasn't his job to correct them; and most hunters tended to be a little... strange (and strong) in their convictions.

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